Auto Frame Repair

The frame is your vehicle's core foundation. It holds the other parts of your car together, helps the doors close properly and protects passengers in a collision.

If your car's frame is damaged in an accident or by driving over a pothole, it could affect the alignment of your tires and cause strange noises while you drive. It can also make your car less safe to drive.

Frame Straightening Machine

A car’s frame isn’t just about how it looks, but also about its strength and safety. A significant collision can damage a vehicle’s structure beyond the dents and folds you can see, and that damage may impact its ability to absorb the impact and protect the occupants of the vehicle. That’s why it’s important to seek professional repair services for anything more than a minor ding or scratch.

A specialized machine known as a frame straightening machine can restore a damaged vehicle’s frame to its original specifications, helping ensure it is safe and secure for driving. Auto frame repair is often a lengthy process, and it’s not something that can be done at home, but you can rest assured that a professional auto body shop has the right tools to do the job properly.

To use a frame straightening machine, technicians bolt the damaged vehicle’s chassis onto the platform and secure it in place using clamps to keep the vehicle from moving while they work. Once they’ve determined the areas of the frame that need to be straightened, they attach chains from towers on the rotatable machine to the affected areas. The towers then rotate in precise ways to pull the frame back into shape, with the help of hydraulic equipment that gradually increases tension on the chains.

Once the frame is back to its original position, mechanics will often need to cut, weld, and manually shape it to make sure it fits together correctly. After reshaping the frame, the mechanic can assess the results to ensure they are up to standards set by the manufacturer.

Despite the fact that frame straightening isn’t as quick and easy as replacing a bumper cover, it is an important service for any driver who has been involved in a serious crash. It can be especially helpful for drivers who have been in a rear-end collision that causes the frame to crumple inward, as it can restore the frame to its original specifications and help prevent the vehicle from experiencing unusual behavior on the road, such as a swaying ride or extra wear on certain tires.


When a car’s frame is damaged in an accident, it can cause many problems including faster tire wear, poor steering and overall safety. Thankfully, Juanito's Auto Body has the equipment and expertise to get your vehicle’s frame back to its original manufacturing specifications so you can drive it safely again.

Depending on the size and type of damage, your technician may use a variety of tools to locate and correct structural damage. This includes sonic senders and computerized lasers to check frame alignment beyond what is visible. The newest devices even provide real-time diagnostics for the mechanic to monitor and record as they straighten your car’s frame.

Before this technology, technicians used to rely on self-centering, hanging frame gauges to see how badly the frame was damaged. These gauges were hung underneath the car, and the metal tech would sight down the center pins to see how close they were to aligned with one another. This method was fast and easy, but it didn’t always produce accurate results.

A chain is a series of links, usually made from metal, joined together to form a flexible connector for various purposes. Including holding, pulling, hoisting, conveying, and transmitting power. Many body shops use floor anchor pots to secure chains from the vehicle to the shop’s floor for pulls. They are simple to install, can be moved to different spots in the shop easily, and can be replaced if they are ever damaged or worn out.

In addition to the sonic senders and lasers, most modern frame machines have dedicated fixtures for specific body types. This helps to ensure the correct straightening and repair for every model of vehicle. Of course, no matter how expensive or new the equipment is, a skilled tech is critical to success. Even the best equipment won’t work properly with a tech who isn’t familiar with it.

Before the hydraulic ram on a frame straightening machine is activated, a chain is attached to each location that needs to be pulled. Then, the metal tech uses the hydraulic equipment to increase tension on these chains and bring the frame back into alignment. During this process, the mechanic may cut and weld sections of the metal as needed to align it with its original factory specifications.


Besides welding equipment, clamps are one of the most important tools for auto frame repair. Choosing the right clamps for a particular job is critical, and there are many types to choose from. Some are designed for metal working, while others are better for woodworking or lifting. There are also specialty clamps to help with specific tasks.

Clamps can be very dangerous, so it is important to use them correctly. Always wear protective eyewear when using them. Ensure that the clamp’s pressure plate and anvil part are in full contact before tightening. When gluing, it’s a good idea to put pads under the jaws to prevent marking the workpiece. Finally, it’s important to remove them as soon as the work is finished.

There are several different types of clamps, including bar, spring, and strap clamps. Each type has its own advantages and uses, but they all share the same basic principle: two gripping plates are attached to each other with a pivot point in between them. These plates are sprung together by a spring, and when the handles are squeezed, they will close around the object or materials being held. Some types of clamps have rubber or plastic pads on the jaws to protect them from damage.

A C-clamp is a popular choice for carpentry because its long, wide jaws can hold a large amount of material. They’re also easy to move, and they can be used in narrow spaces. They’re often painted with a bright color to make them easier to see, especially in a crowded workshop.

Other types of clamps are designed to be a little more precise than C-clamps. For example, a F-clamp has a narrower opening and can be used to hold small parts in place. This type of clamp is a great choice for precision jobs like joining pieces together with a dowel.

Another type of clamp is the parallel-jaw clamp. These are ideal for gluing woodwork projects because the jaws stay parallel as pressure is applied. They’re also more versatile than other types of clamps. They can be used to clear bench space by standing glue-ups on end, and reversing the movable jaw creates a spreader for pushing pieces apart.


After the Auto frame repair straightening machine and clamps do their work, mechanics use a computerized device to measure and align your car's frame. This step is important because it helps ensure that the vehicle's frame has the structural integrity needed for safe driving. It also makes sure that all mechanical repairs are in line with the vehicle's factory specifications.

A misaligned car can lead to uneven tire wear, slower steering, and other issues that make your car harder to control. It's essential to have a frame straightened as soon as possible.

One sign that a car's frame is damaged is when the doors or windows don't close properly. Other signs include poor handling, a pulling sensation when driving, and excessive vibration. These problems can all be caused by a bent frame. Fortunately, auto body shops have the expertise and equipment to repair frame damage and restore your vehicle's safety and performance.

The first step of the process is to remove the damaged parts from your car. Then, technicians attach chains to the points of your car that need straightening. Then, they use hydraulic equipment to increase the tension on the chains and pull the frame back into shape. Depending on the extent of the damage, the frame may need to be cut, welded, and shaped to help it align correctly.

Many people don't take their cars to a body shop after a collision because they think that the damage won't be too bad. However, even a low-speed crash can cause major frame damage. And if you don't have the frame repaired, it can make your car dangerous to drive and decrease its resale value.

The frame is the main structure that supports your car's engine and passengers. It's made from either steel or aluminum and is typically bolted to other metal parts on the car, such as the doors. Some areas of your frame, known as crumple zones, are designed to save your life in a crash by absorbing kinetic energy and crushing. Unfortunately, these safety features can compromise your car's frame and cause serious damage. A damaged frame can cause the rest of the car to fail, making it hard to drive and unsafe for passengers.

The frame is your vehicle's core foundation. It holds the other parts of your car together, helps the doors close properly and protects passengers in a collision. If your car's frame is damaged in an accident or by driving over a pothole, it could affect the alignment of your tires and cause strange noises while…